Google Chrome has features that help protect your computer from malicious attacks. Chrome uses a number of different technologies to protect against malware attacks.  These include:

Safe Browsing

Before you visit a site, Chrome will display a warning message that it suspects of having malware or phishing. Phishing attack occurs when someone pretends to be someone else and encourages you to share personal information through fake websites. Malware is a software that is installed in your computer without you knowing about it. This software is designed to steal information from your computer or harm your hardware.


This helps to prevent malware from installing itself on your machine. It adds an extra layer of protection to your browser by protecting against malicious web pages. These pages observe your web activities and steal information from your machine.


Chrome constantly checks for updates. This ensures that your browser has the latest security features and so provides more protection.

These features are absent in many browsers. So, you should you chrome as your browser. Chrome will let you surf the Internet without worrying about attacks from malware and phishing. Having online protection is very important. People nowadays share too many personal information in many places like blogs, newsletters, online shopping sites, etc. Before you share your personal information in these sites, you need to make sure that it is safe to do so. By using Chrome as your browser, you will have that protection.


Why is Google Chrome the safest browser?

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