Till Windows 7, the users of Windows platform were totally reliant on third party programs for security support. Microsoft never really included any effective built-in antivirus program, and few add-ons were never sufficient to keep a computer secure in today’s world of aggressive malwares. Windows 8 and onwards, Microsoft has released their new built-in antivirus program named Windows Defender. Upon installation of a new OS version, Windows Defender automatically gets activated and if a third party program isn’t installed, Windows Defender will keep active.

is windows defender good enought

This was indeed a pleasant addition by Microsoft, the customers have liked the Windows Defender program so far. However, the question of complete security remains – is Windows Defender enough as a security program for Windows running computers?

Windows Defender is Fine for Most People!

The question of sufficiency actually depends on the user themselves. There are different types of computer users – some use a computer only for social networking, uploading pictures and videos, viewing multimedia contents and occasional usage of MS Office programs. There productive users who do all sort of creative task like graphics designing, post processing of photos and videos, programming, creating new software and apps for various mobile ecosystems etc. Another group of people’s computers are their everyday partner in business. All sort of confidential business data are usually stored on their computers, and utmost security is required to keep the data safe.

For the first group of happy go lucky people, Windows Defender is just fine. The real time protection and anti-malware file scan works pretty well. You can still use Windows defender on windows 10 very effectively. User can keep Windows Defender active in the background and it will take care of any potential intrusion into the system. Browsing the internet, checking emails, transferring files from one device to another – Windows Defender would provide sufficient support for this group of people.

And since this group occupies the ‘most user’ category of Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows Defender would work just fine.

However, Not Sufficient for Everyone

Now, Windows Defender isn’t sufficient for people who are into serious stuff. Windows Defender might not get beyond typical antivirus detection. Even people who do lots of torrent downloads, it’s pretty unsure how much of security strength Windows Defender does offer in these cases. Infected files can surely pass on to a system since torrents won’t probably be scanned under Defender’s radar. Also, business people with lots of confidential data on their computer must not rely on Windows Defender.

Third party security programs are available in different product ranges – from basic to most advanced security, from free to a specific monthly fee. Depending on your level of being a computer user, pick a product if Windows Defender doesn’t seem to fit into your security strategy. Usually, the Internet Security products are highest tier products from any company. They offer real time file scan, boot time scan, attachment scan, torrent scan, email scan – anything you name, these third part programs will offer that protection when Windows Defender simply doesn’t go this far.


As it appears, the concern depends totally on the user. Windows Defender might be able to replace a free basic antivirus that usually comes for free, but for serious security arrangement getting a third party paid antivirus program is always recommended.

Is Windows Defender Enough for a Computer?
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