Email scams are very common nowadays. In order to stop being scammed through emails, you need to first stop the spam that fills up your mail box everyday. Here are some tips which can help you avoid such scams.

1. Use a separate email address

When you are subscribing to any forums or public listings, use a separate email address. This will act as precaution against spams. If you have a separate email address, then you can know which company sends spam. You can also set your filters accordingly.

2. Use multiple addresses

If you have to do lots of online dealings, then it is better to use multiple email addresses. One email can be personal and the others for signing up in newsletters or blogs. Do not give your personal email address to anyone you don’t know. You can also use another email address for dealing with online purchases.

3. Never place email address anywhere

Scammers have special tools to detect email addresses in web pages. These tools are used to send mails to email IDs that they find automatically. Thus, your inbox will be full of unnecessary emails. So, don’t put your email address anywhere. Instead, you can fill out a contact form, if they have one, to communicate with you.

4. Set up email filters

Set filters on your emails. It can reduce the number of spams in your mailbox drastically. Just take out time once and set the filters.

These very simple tips can save you from spams. Overflooded mailboxes become vulnerable. So, try to avoid spams.

4 tips to avoid getting scammed by email

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