Is Windows Defender Enough for a Computer?

Till Windows 7, the users of Windows platform were totally reliant on third party programs for security support. Microsoft never really included any effective built-in antivirus program, and few add-ons were never sufficient to keep a computer secure in today’s world of aggressive malwares. Windows 8 and onwards, Microsoft has released their new built-in antivirus program named Windows Defender. Upon installation of a new OS version, Windows Defender automatically gets activated and if a third party program isn’t installed, Windows Defender will keep active.

is windows defender good enought

This was indeed a pleasant addition by Microsoft, the customers have liked the Windows Defender program so far. However, the question of complete security remains – is Windows Defender enough as a security program for Windows running computers?

Windows Defender is Fine for Most People!

The question of sufficiency actually depends on the user themselves. There are different types of computer users – some use a computer only for social networking, uploading pictures and videos, viewing multimedia contents and occasional usage of MS Office programs. There productive users who do all sort of creative task like graphics designing, post processing of photos and videos, programming, creating new software and apps for various mobile ecosystems etc. Another group of people’s computers are their everyday partner in business. All sort of confidential business data are usually stored on their computers, and utmost security is required to keep the data safe.

For the first group of happy go lucky people, Windows Defender is just fine. The real time protection and anti-malware file scan works pretty well. You can still use Windows defender on windows 10 very effectively. User can keep Windows Defender active in the background and it will take care of any potential intrusion into the system. Browsing the internet, checking emails, transferring files from one device to another – Windows Defender would provide sufficient support for this group of people.

And since this group occupies the ‘most user’ category of Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows Defender would work just fine.

However, Not Sufficient for Everyone

Now, Windows Defender isn’t sufficient for people who are into serious stuff. Windows Defender might not get beyond typical antivirus detection. Even people who do lots of torrent downloads, it’s pretty unsure how much of security strength Windows Defender does offer in these cases. Infected files can surely pass on to a system since torrents won’t probably be scanned under Defender’s radar. Also, business people with lots of confidential data on their computer must not rely on Windows Defender.

Third party security programs are available in different product ranges – from basic to most advanced security, from free to a specific monthly fee. Depending on your level of being a computer user, pick a product if Windows Defender doesn’t seem to fit into your security strategy. Usually, the Internet Security products are highest tier products from any company. They offer real time file scan, boot time scan, attachment scan, torrent scan, email scan – anything you name, these third part programs will offer that protection when Windows Defender simply doesn’t go this far.


As it appears, the concern depends totally on the user. Windows Defender might be able to replace a free basic antivirus that usually comes for free, but for serious security arrangement getting a third party paid antivirus program is always recommended.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Review

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Review

Basic antivirus modules provide a certain level of security in a computer system. For added protection, a suite like Bitdefender Internet Security is the best value for money. Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 does what it is made for – provide a heavily strengthened security, and according to public votes and AV lab tests, Bitdefender is ranked the #1 security app of the world right now! There are a lot of tool for the protection of your computer system built as modules in the Bitdefender Internet Security program. You could either manually check them all for potential threats, or just leave the program in Autopilot mode and let it do the job.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review


For the basic 1-PC license version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2016, one has to pay $59.95 yearly fee. For the 3-licence edition the cost bumps up to $79.95, which is actually profitable for the buyer. If you require more, there are additional options like five-license subscription for $119.95 and 10-device license for $209.95. If you use Bit defender 2016 coupon from you will save 75% on it. The price doesn’t really grow exponentially, thus it’s friendly towards the consumer’s pocket. The investment is totally worth it, especially for computers that process very high amount of confidential data e.g. monetary transaction data, govt. classified files etc.

User Interface

The basic interface hasn’t changed much, it almost resembles the interface from the 2015 version. Bitdefender’s favorite color selection is probably dark grey as it keep unchanged between these two year’s versions. However, there are big individual panels that represent different modules of the Internet Security software suite. Among them all, the biggest one leads to Bitdefender Central which is an online control panel for the management of Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 across different devices, depending on how many licenses you own.

The Antivirus Module

The dedicated antivirus module bears the same engine as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016. For a much lesser price a user could avail the antivirus module for only $29.96. The features are pretty common with other modules present in the Internet Security suite, though of course the security strength is certainly much higher on the suite for the dedicated strength each module offers.

Speaking of the antivirus scores, around 93 percent of malware threats have been detected at ease leaving a score of 9.3 out of 10 in AV lab tests. The same module managed to detect 74 very new malware threats even without a signature file update, which is actually very satisfactory.

Other Features

To keep yourself out of the trouble of managing each module individually, you could just switch the Autopilot mode on. On this mode, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 will scan for every possible threat and whenever one is found, it will take necessary action without bothering the user.

To prevent the increasing threat of ransomware attack, Bitdefender doesn’t allow any program in a computer system to make changes to the file or folder system of the personal folders e.g. music, photos and videos etc. There’s a dedicated password manager as well which very effectively remembers all your passwords without any risk of security breach. The spam filter would keep away any spam messages from the user’s inbox.


World’s best security software – the honor is quite a lot, and the price doesn’t feel like a rip-off either. Refer to Bitdefender website for purchase and download procedures.

Why is Google Chrome the safest browser?

Why is Google Chrome the safest browser?

Google Chrome has features that help protect your computer from malicious attacks. Chrome uses a number of different technologies to protect against malware attacks.  These include:

Safe Browsing

Before you visit a site, Chrome will display a warning message that it suspects of having malware or phishing. Phishing attack occurs when someone pretends to be someone else and encourages you to share personal information through fake websites. Malware is a software that is installed in your computer without you knowing about it. This software is designed to steal information from your computer or harm your hardware.


This helps to prevent malware from installing itself on your machine. It adds an extra layer of protection to your browser by protecting against malicious web pages. These pages observe your web activities and steal information from your machine.


Chrome constantly checks for updates. This ensures that your browser has the latest security features and so provides more protection.

These features are absent in many browsers. So, you should you chrome as your browser. Chrome will let you surf the Internet without worrying about attacks from malware and phishing. Having online protection is very important. People nowadays share too many personal information in many places like blogs, newsletters, online shopping sites, etc. Before you share your personal information in these sites, you need to make sure that it is safe to do so. By using Chrome as your browser, you will have that protection.


4 tips to avoid getting scammed by email

4 tips to avoid getting scammed by email

Email scams are very common nowadays. In order to stop being scammed through emails, you need to first stop the spam that fills up your mail box everyday. Here are some tips which can help you avoid such scams.

1. Use a separate email address

When you are subscribing to any forums or public listings, use a separate email address. This will act as precaution against spams. If you have a separate email address, then you can know which company sends spam. You can also set your filters accordingly.

2. Use multiple addresses

If you have to do lots of online dealings, then it is better to use multiple email addresses. One email can be personal and the others for signing up in newsletters or blogs. Do not give your personal email address to anyone you don’t know. You can also use another email address for dealing with online purchases.

3. Never place email address anywhere

Scammers have special tools to detect email addresses in web pages. These tools are used to send mails to email IDs that they find automatically. Thus, your inbox will be full of unnecessary emails. So, don’t put your email address anywhere. Instead, you can fill out a contact form, if they have one, to communicate with you.

4. Set up email filters

Set filters on your emails. It can reduce the number of spams in your mailbox drastically. Just take out time once and set the filters.

These very simple tips can save you from spams. Overflooded mailboxes become vulnerable. So, try to avoid spams.

3 of the best free antivirus software for your laptop

3 of the best free antivirus software for your laptop

The built-in Windows Defender keeps your computer safe to some extent, but tests have shown that it misses at least one threat in 10. That’s why you need antivirus software. Here are the best free antivirus software for your laptop.

AVG AntiVirus Free


The independent testing lab AV-Test gave AVG AntiVirus maximum score for protection. The program is configurable. You can define exactly what different scan types do, schedule them to run without you attending them. You can also configure the notifications you would like to see and tell how to handle the updates. It can very easy to access because of it’s well-designed interface.

Avast Free Antivirus


It’s interface is clean and configurable. So, you get speedy access to various features. It is good at blocking malicious URLs. It’s rating is very high in dealing with zero-day threats. There are lots of security extras available. It is very quick at warning you over network vulnerabilities. It will highlight missing software patches, reveal duplicate or weak passwords, and more.

Avira Free Antivirus 2016


It has a very plain and ordinary interface. It is one of the best free securities around. It can work automatically throughout. But if you are an expert, then there are plenty of fine options for you. There are options to protect Hosts file, scan archives, monitor network drives, set the types of files to be scanned, etc.

Even though lot’s of paid securities are available, these free antivirus solutions will do a decent job as well. So, you can download any of these antivirus solutions for free in order to protect your computer.